Karasuki Kingdom is a large nation located in the western area of the Yagumo Region.[1]


Royal Family
Karasuki Homura King
Karasuki Shizuku Queen


  • A thousand years before the Holy Era began
    • Ryuo, the Hero King relinquish his throne. Ryuo entrusted the kingdom to his subordinate; the first Karasuki king and the dynasty of Karasuki began.[2]
  • Year 980 of the Holy Era:
    • Karasuki Kingdom was at war with Rokuren Kingdom.[3]
      • Rokuren Kingdom requested a ceasefire with Karasuki Kingdom with the Prince of Rokuren as the ambassador.[3]
      • The night of treaty signed, the peace treaty was broken. The attendant of the Rokuren Prince was found dead. Karasuki demanded an answer for the attempted abduction of Karasuki Ayame. Rokuren's side insist that Karasuki has betrayed their trust and accused Zen for the murder.[3]
        • The Rokuren Prince demanded additional conditions for the broken truce. They demanded the marriage between the Rokuren Prince and Princess Ayame, and the execution of Zen.[3]
        • Zen has taken Princess Ayame and fled. The incident sparked Rokuren declaring on war.[3]
      • War between Karasuki and Rokuren has began. Saga Gouki led a small force and launched a surprise attack on the amassed Rokuren army troops from the rear. They succeeded in decapitating the heads of the enemy generals, as well as capturing the Rokuren prince. Karasuki's army has secured several important bases in succession.[3]
      • Rokuren Kingdom has surrendered as the defeated kingdom. Karasuki set advantageous conditions against the surrendered kingdom and prospered.[3]
      • Zen and Princess Ayame were officially treated as felons for willingly running away together and causing the start of the war. Karasuki Homura sent out a wanted list to neighboring kingdoms with Zen and Ayame's names on it.[3]

Known NobilityEdit

Saga familyEdit

Saga family (サガ家)

Saga Gouki
Saga Kayoko
Saga Hayate
Saga Komomo

Culture and TechEdit

Bushi (武士), is a warrior class equivalent to a knight.

Important PeopleEdit

Karasuki Ayame

Important PlaceEdit


An enormous structure towered in the middle of the capital, its architecture resembling a Japanese-style castle. Equally large castle walls ran along its perimeter. As one would expect from the capital, the town that surrounded the castle was vast and spread out, bearing a population of tens of thousands of people.[4]

  • Saga estate


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