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Celia Claire (セリア クレール, Seria Kurēru?) is the daughter of the she's hailed as the best genius magician in the Strahl Region in the current era. She skipped grade school and graduated from Beltrum Royal Academy and even becoming the lecturer in the royal institute at the age of 12, she spends most of her time researching magic, resulting in many magical inventions famous around the whole region.


Despite her looks, Celia is in her early to middle teen years, she's a little girl with long silver hair, tied in a twin ponytail while letting the rest of her hair just hanging behind her back, while in her disguise as Cecilia, she tied her hair in a side ponytail while using Magic to change her hair color to blonde.


Celia is the kind of girl that doesn't look down on people, even under her rank; she treats people kindly all the same, a refined noble girl that loves tea and is actually quite peculiar with her tea.

Though as a researcher she's kind of a slob when her interest gets piqued up, she's barely able to look around anymore, and she can coop up in her research room for days. Her room is always messy because she's bad at housework, slightly introverted, and really weak at anything requiring huge stamina.


Though they first met in the slums, Celia became close to Rio from the start from when she found him asleep in the library, seeing all the books and notes Rio made to learn as fast as he can, Celia offered to teach him in extra time, in their lesson, Celia found out how fast Rio's ability to learn and got interested, they become close enough that Rio spends most of his time in Celia's Lab having tea with her or simply cleaning her room (Because he can't stand the mess anymore than a day).

After the exam, Celia defends Rio, getting accused of cheating by the other noble boys regarding his remarkable achievement, Celia got aggravated from seeing him being bullied constantly despite his efforts and abilities.

Celia finds out later on about the cliff incident and believes that there's got to be some mistake, she met Rio, intruding her room right away where she found out for sure that Rio is falsely accused, Rio then says goodbye to Celia before escaping the country, he promises to send a letter to her, when Rio leaves, Celia broke down and cried for several days.

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(White / All rounder type): Celia considered as the best magician in Strahl region for the current age, she can use all kind of magic type, create magical item, and so on, through one of her inventions, she found out that her magic power are 20 times bigger than the standard royal magician (though the item broke when Rio touch it).
  • Hyper Physical Magic: The most common body strengthening magic, Celia can't use this too long because her mind can't withstand her own body movement.
  • Earth Magic: Magic that can manipulate earth.
  • Water Magic: Magic that can manipulate water.
  • Wind Magic: Magic that can manipulate wind.
  • Ice Magic: Magic that can manipulate ice.
  • Lightning Magic: Magic that can manipulate lightning.
  • Celestial Magic: Special type of magic from old era, passed down only in her family lineage


  • Celia's birthday is on December 24.[1]
  • Celia has kept with her the first letter Rio wrote when he runaway as a keepsake all the time.
  • In the WN Rio only sent her 1 letter, while in LN he sent her 2.
  • Previous translation spelt her name as Seria, but considering her pseudonym is Cecilia, not Sesiria or Cesiria, her name should be spelled as Celia.
  • Celia really likes the tail feathers and ears of beastman,
  • The first person to call Celia Claire by her full name was Rio. Celia thought of Rio as the one who first called her "Celia Claire"
  • The first man Celia slept with (in the same room, and only for sleeping) was Rio.


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