Beltrum Kingdom (べルトラム王国) is one of the major power in the Strahl Region with history span of three generation, it has direct border with the warmongering Proxia Empire on the north, their allies Galarc Kingdom on the east, the isolated Centostella Kingdom on the southeast, unknown wilderness on north west, and the sea at the south.


The current de facto ruler of Beltram kingdom are the royal family that rule the nation with the help of the noble as their vassals.

The current Royal Family are

Royal Family
Phillip Beltram
Phillip Beltram 3rd King
Beltram queen
Beatrice Beltram Queen
Christina Beltram 1st Princess
Flora and Cristina (2)
Flora Beltram 2nd Princess
Loris Beltrum ??? Princess
  • Duke Arbor's faction- the largest faction of the three.[1]
  • Duke Huguenot's faction - the second biggest faction.[1]
  • Duke Fontaine's faction - the smallest of the three faction.[1] They are also known as the King's faction. They are a loyalist faction to the royal family.


  • Year 991 of the Holy Era:
    • Flora Beltrum was appointed as the priestess in charge of performing the ritual to pray for the prosperity of the kingdom. Flora was kidnapped during in the purification ceremony.[2] Helmut Arbor was forced to resigned from his position and Charles Arbor, who was in charge of the security was demoted. Alfred Emerle took the position of commander of the Royal guards.[1]
  • Year 996 of the Holy Era:
    • Rio was charged guilty for the attempted murder on Flora during in the outdoor drill.[3] He became the most wanted criminal in the Beltrum kingdom, his bounty is still active.
  • Year 1000 of the Holy Era:
    • The Beltrum army suffered a crushing defeat against Proxia Empire in a dispute. The Proxia Empire occupied strategic bases and territory.[4]
      • Duke Arbor's faction risen, they pursued the responsibility of the loss of the recent territory. They rebuked the weak policies of the King and Duke Huguenot's faction on the empire.[4]
      • Duke Huguenot's faction and Flora escaped from the royal capital to Rodania. They're being viewed as rebels.
    • Shigekura Rui, a Hero was summoned in Beltrum's royal castle.
    • Celia Claire was abducted by an insurgent in her wedding to Charles Arbor.

Known NobilityEdit

House HuguenotEdit

Huguenot family are a Duke ranked family, they are the leader on the aggressive faction to attack back Proxia Empire, they also actually the real culprit in the princess kidnapping, after coup, they escape the capital and raise a resistance group name Restoration with princess Flora as their Head though actually they are the one that controlling everything. 

They also enslaved demi-human, including Latifa's mother that kidnapped from the forest, making the Huguenot family as Latifa's blood related family.

The current known member are:

Gustav Huguenot
The Patriach of the family, he's in king Phillipe faction, an underhanded person that willing to use any method to get what he want, the real mastermind of the princess kidnapping, and the one that sent assassin to finish Rio, trying to turn the Hero into his pawn by baiting him with noble girls, also trying the same method to gain Haruto, controlling Restoration from behind until taken over by Christina
Stewart Huguenot
The coward, dumb, selfish, prideful, 1st son and heir of Huguenot family, he do as he like by throwing of his father name, though the father himself don't really care about him, after a big blunder on another country, he was taken off from the heir, giving it to the 2nd son while he himself spared from disenherited as long as he work whatever the duke ask him.
Unnamed 2nd son
Gustav's successor.
not a member, a child born from Duke huguenot and a demi-human female slave, he trained her as disposable assassin for his own purpose, while Stead torture her for relieving his daily stress.

House ArborEdit

Arbor family are a duke ranked family, after their service to the previous king, they gain total control of the imperial army, stand against king Phillip faction, Leader on conservative faction to negotiate peace with Proxia empire, The leader of the coup d'etat in the kingdom and taking the royal family as Hostage, planning to usurp the throne.

Their current known member are:

Helmut Arbor
Helmut is the head of the family, an ambitious man, staying loyal to the previous king until he got total control of the imperial army only to show his true nature at the king deathbed, the leader of the Coup d'Etat by colluding with Proxia Empire, taking royal family hostage and planning to usurp the throne by marrying his grand daughter to the summoned hero.
Charles Arbor
Charles is the first son of Arbor family and the heir, vice captain of royal guard through his own father, torturing Rio and tried to force the fault at him to save his position, beaten publicly by Rio on a duel, after coup get his position back from his father, and tried to marry Celia as his 7th wife to keep her to his faction.
Helmut's youngest daughter
She is married to Philip III as a royal concubine. Her daughter is Loris Beltrum.[5]

House FontaineEdit

Fontaine family are a duke ranked family on king Phillip faction, they are a family famous for producing many excellent magician, the family are managing the kingdom only education facility Beltram Kingdom Royal academy.

Their current known member are

  • Garcia Fontaine the previous head and the Headmaster of Beltram Royal Academy, a strict and calculating man beneath the nice grandfather face, influential enough to reprimand harshly a princess in front of the king himself
  • Duke Fontaine the current head of family, mentioned only
  • Roanna Fontaine the Duke's daughter that hang around with the royal princess, now became engaged to the hero

House RodanEdit

Rodan are a Marquiss ranked noble family in King Phillipe faction, the ruler of Rodania territory where the Restoration set up their base, close acquintance of Duke Huguenot

Their current known member are:

  • George Rodan the head of the family, giving his territory as Restoration main base
  • Alphonse Rodan the stupid, dumb, haughty, shitty, son of Rodan family, Rio main bully, consider himself as Flora escort though only self titled, throw around his family title to do whatever he want, consider other as subhuman because he is a noble, yet thinking he's in the right even after picking a fight with higher ranked noble like Duke Huguenot and Liselotte, in WN, turned to Ghoul by Reiss and exterminated by Rio hand

House EmerleEdit

Emerle are family famous as knight in the Beltrum, the rank are unknown but should be below Marquiss, are on King Phillip faction and work as the leader of the royal guard

Current known member:

  • Alfred Emerle the strongest knight on Beltram and also famous in the whole region called The Kings Sword

House ClaireEdit

Family famous second only to Fontaine in magic, earl ranked family, considered as neutral family and loyal to the country and royal family, their influence keep rising after their first daughter Celia Claire keep turning great achievement on magic research and invention one after another, the only nice noble family to Rio simply because they are a bunch of nice people.

Current known member:

  • Celia Claire the best magician on Strahl region at the current era, graduate the academy at 12, becoming lecturer and also researcher of magic that keep inventing magical artifact

House AlbertEdit

Albert Household are an Earl class noble household affiliated with Restoration and Huguenot faction

Current known member:

House BrandtEdit

Brandt Household are an Earl class noble household affiliated with Restoration and Huguenot faction

Current known member:

  • Raymon Brandt is the captain of Restoration knights.
  • Elise Brandt is the daughter of the Brandt household and also Rio classmate back in academy, she's part of Roana clique and she used to secretly tried to court Rio in school before turning back on him and start spreading bad rumor after Rio ignoring her

House DandiEdit

Dandi Household are a Baron class Noble family that part of the restoration, though they are only a lower nobility that just barely able to be called nobility, they managed to shrewdly engaged their daughter to one of the teleported Japanese

Current known member:

House BelmontEdit

Belmont Household are a Baron class Noble family that part of the restoration, they are only a lower nobility that just barely able to be called nobility, and also approached one of the teleported Japanese while the rest of the nobility busy trying to get closer with Rio and Liselotte

Current known member:

Former HousesEdit

House Governess a fallen noble family, the only known member are Aria Governess that choose to become adventurer (raise to 1st ranked adventurer) and leaving the country, only to become the grand chamberlain of neighboring country Duke family

House Orgueille, infamous for their member Lucius Orgueille that once become the candidate of King's Sword aside Alfred Emerle, and then founded the strongest mercenary group in Strahl region, The Griffon

Important LocationEdit


Beltrant (べルトラント) is the royal capital of the Beltrum Kingdom.

  • Beltrum Palace - Beltram royal palace where the royal family resides, also the center of the nation governing facility
  • Beltrum Kingdom Royal Academy - The only educational institution on the nation, teaching all things from general knowledge, manner, magic, and military, it run under Fontaine family care.
  • Slums - The slums were located in the outskirts of the district outside the castle, and while there was no entry fee, the state of law and order was the worst of all the districts outside the castle walls. They'd fallen out of reach of the government's supervision and become a lawless area left to its own devices as a result. One never entered the slums willingly, unless you had no choice but to live there.[6]


Claia (クレイア) is the capital city of House Claire territory where their family mansion located, it is situated on the eastern part of Beltram territory close to Rodania.


Rodania (ロダニア) is the capital city of House Rodan territory, it is located in the border, meeting directly with neighboring country Galwark kingdom, there's a road from here connected straight to Galwark commerce city Almond, Rodania also the base of the resistance group Restoration

King's SwordEdit

King's Sword (王の剣) is the title given to Beltrum kingdom's strongest knight.


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  • The biggest characteristic of Beltram kingdom according to other country are their haughty noble that full of pride just by being a noble, obnoxius and selfish
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