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Amakawa Haruto’s a childhood friend. She mysteriously disappeared right after their high-school entrance ceremony, which devastated Haruto. He always regretted not confessing his feelings to her, up until his death.

She got caught up in the time-space magic that summoned her friends Satsuki Sumeragi and Takahisa Sendo, and was subsequently dragged off to another world, thrown off in the outdoor wilderness with Aki and Masato. She was briefly captured right away by slave merchants before Rio swooped in to rescue her.

In volume 21 she is later revealed to be the reincarnation of the Seventh God, Lina, and the one responsible for Haruto's reincarnation and Aishia's existence.


Miharu is a cute and quiet girl with soft features on her face. Her eyes look kind and her long black hair hangs freely reaching her waist.


Miharu is a soft and kindhearted girl, sometimes even too kind for her own good. She ranks #1 in her middle school's list of girls the boys want to marry, in addition to the list of housewife-type girlfriend. She's a caring person, honest and responsible, and seeing her still fulfilling her promises shows she's a really loyal girl. Aside from that, she's also very shy, not good at interacting with boys, and known to be too forgiving.


Ayase Miharu is the childhood friend of Amakawa Haruto. They've known each other since they were kids and practically grew up together. Miharu's family lived next door to Haruto's, and because of that, both their families had a good relationship. Miharu is considered a cute girl, attracting the attention of other boys. But because of their young age, that attraction turned the boys to pick on her instead, scaring her all the time. Haruto would become the wall to protect her, leading Miharu to depend on him.

Suddenly one day, Haruto had to leave town following his father after his parents divorced. Miharu kept crying as she asked Haruto to stay, the latter promising to come back to her one day, and at that time would take her hand in marriage.

Both of them then grew up holding their promises close, bettering themselves, waiting for the day they meet again.

Aki Sendo, the sister of Haruto that continued to stay with her mother, introduced Miharu to her new siblings, Takahisa Sendo and Masato Sendo. The two of them became the new group of childhood friends. She's still not good with boys, not interacting with them very much, but has tried her best to befriend Takahisa for Aki's sake.

On the first day of their high school entrance ceremony, on their way home, distortions formed near Takahisa and Miharu's senior, Satsuki Sumeragi, separately engulfing them. The distortions also enveloped Miharu, with Aki and Masato near at the time. Before they knew it, they found themselves standing in an empty grassland in another world.

LN Route

Meeting You In This World

Miharu appears in volume 4, five years after the teleportation circle transported her, Aki and Masato to the borders between Galarc Kingdom and Saint Stellar. They are completely lost in a new world, Miharu tries to check her cell phone but no signal. They walk in the grassland but are soon interrupted by slave merchants who arrested them. They try to speak to Miharu but she does not know the language. The slave merchants decided that Miharu, Aki, and Masato will make fine slaves, especially Miharu, who is separated from the Sendou siblings by putting her in a different carriage. Aki is desperate and asks for help, at the right moment Haruto arrives being averted by Aishia. The young man approaches and asks questions to the slaves merchants about Sendou siblings and Miharu, they try to play dumb but Haruto sees through their lies. Suddenly, Aki screams for help in Japanese, the slave merchants are busted and try to kill Haruto. He kills a few men and the mercenaries men find out soon enough, they are no match. The chief slave merchant is held as a hostage by Haruto and orders him to lead him to the people he imprisoned. Aki and Masato are released, Haruto asks them if they are fine in Japanese. The both of them are surprised, Haruto tells them he will explain later. Aki says there is Miharu who is still held captive. Haruto threatens the chief and orders him to release Miharu, the slave merchant obeys and conducts Haruto to the carriage. Haruto opened the curtain and noticed Miharu same for her. Both of them shared an awkward moment until Haruto told her he came to save her in Japanese. Miharu is surprised and feels nostalgic when she sees Haruto's face. She descends from the carriage but is worried about the other slaves (women). Haruto tells her capturing slaves without the proper procedure is punished by law, but these slaves are legally here. Coming from a world where slavery has completely disappeared, Miharu can't believe it. Finally, the group is complete. Haruto asks them if they had belongings, Miharu answers they had bags. Haruto threatens again the merchants and orders them to give the bags back, they comply. Each of them verifies if all is here. Haruto tells the slave merchants to get lost and never come back for Miharu, Aki and Masato or he will find them and he won't give them an easy death. At last, the group departs by walking at the beginning then flying, they land near the rock house.

Life in the Rockhouse I

First, Haruto tells Miharu, Aki and Masato to enter the house. The three of them are very surprised, the interior is very Japanese-like. Haruto goes to the kitchen and comes back with cold tea. Masato is thirsty and drinks all before asking a second, Aki says he is being impolite. Haruto begins to explain to them that they are currently in another world, and told them that he is someone who was a Japanese person in the past. Haruto promises he will protect them. He will try to find clues about Aki and Masato's brother and their friend Satsuki, finally he will find a way to send them back to Earth. In the meanwhile, they can stay with him under the condition to keep his secrets, including his house. Having no other choices they accept. Haruto gives them a pooch with gold. He recuperates it when he was dealing with the slave merchants, he takes it as a punishment to capture innocent people. He tells Miharu she should keep it as funds if they decide to act independently one day. Miharu thanks him and says she will help him with the chores in the house or anything he wants. it is evening, Haruto tells he will prepare dinner, Miharu proposes her aid and Aki too. Masato tells his sister to give-up because she is very bad at cooking, Aki answers it is wrong and Takahisa said the hamburger she made was delicious, Masato says Takahisa was just considerate towards his sister. Haruto notices despite Miharu's kindness, she does not defend Aki so Masato was right. He tells the siblings they can take a bath which lifts their spirits. He shows them the bathroom, as usual they are surprised by the hot springs. He gives them clothes and towel and goes to the kitchen.

Haruto is in the kitchen with Miharu who is wearing an apron which gives a pleasant feeling. Rapidly, they dispatch the work. Haruto is staring at Miharu, she is embarrassed and asks if there is something weird on how she cooks, but Haruto answers there isn't. He is just impressed by her cooking skill. Miharu is blushing, then thanking Haruto and told him that she learned a lot about cooking from her mother. The dinner is ready and they all sit around the table. Miharu, Aki and Masato are surprised because Haruto follows Japanese tradition to say "itadakimasu" before eating. Aki and Masato are very happy the meals are Japanese-like and enjoyed the taste. After the dinner, Haruto showed them the rooms and they went to sleep. The next morning, Miharu is the first one to wake up, she is probably waiting for Haruto to wake up before preparing breakfast. Suddenly, she hears Haruto screaming (which is very unusual) and runs into his room. She discovers Haruto is sitting on his bed with a beautiful and naked pink-haired girl attached to his neck. In panic, Haruto tries to explain a blushing Miharu she is misunderstanding, but she apologizes and runs out of the room.

Later, Haruto gets out (after he learned the pink-haired girl is his contracted spirit) and explains the situation to Miharu who calms down. Aki and Masato soon arrive, Masato is very infatuated with the unknown girl. All sit and decide to give a name to the spirit. Haruto chooses the name "Aishia," in the spirit language it means "beautiful spring" the same meaning than "Miharu" in Japanese. Miharu calls her "Ai-chan". Haruto then explains to the group he intends to bring them to Seirei no Tami where they will be safer than in the Strahl regions, but first he needs to get the permission from the elders so he will go first and will be back in a few days. All agree, Haruto warns them not to go far away from the house because they are in a dangerous zone. Haruto leaves for Seirei no Tami leaving Aishia as a safety.

Several days after Aki breaks the order and goes outside, lizardmen attacks her but Haruto comes back from the spirit village and saves her in a blink of time. Aki apologizes and so does Aishia for not acting in time, Haruto does not mind. He tells the group he has permission to bring them in. He explains to Aishia she is a humanoid spirit which are worshiped in the village as god and she will have to deal with it. They prepare to leave, Haruto put the house in the time-space cache and used a crystal teleportation. They have been transferred near the borders of the village, soon they see Ariel, Ouphia's contracted spirit with all the trio and Latifa on it. Latifa threw herself into Rio. Sara, Alma and Ouphia are impressed by the divine aura Aishia waves and kneel down in front of her. Aishia says she does not need to be treated so stiffly. Latifa asks if she can call her "Aishia," Sara scolds her and Aishia affirms Latifa can call her whatever she wants. Haruto adds Miharu calls Aishia "Ai-chan". Finally it is time to introduce the newbies, as usual Masato is stunned by the beauty of the spirit people (especially Ouphia). All the group directs towards the elders building.

At Aishia's entrance all the elders stand up and warmly welcome the humanoid spirit. The elders salute the younglings from another world, they are welcomed to stay in the village as long as they want.

Life in Spirit Village

Galarc Ball


Life in the Rockhouse II


  • As a summoned person from another world, Miharu received an immense amount of magic essence compared to the natives of the world, though she still has not masted the use of it.
  • As a method for self defense, Haruto's instructing her in martial arts by using a staff/rod, though it's strictly only for self defense, without any ability to defeat opposition.
  • She also learns some spirit arts in the LN, and because of her temporary path with Aishia, her affinity to spirit arts have boosted to a high degree even compared to Seirei no Tami's highest practitioner.


  • Ayase means "design" (綾) (aya) and "swift current, rapids" (瀬) (se).
  • Miharu means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "spring" (春) (haru).


  • In the WN, the price of both Miharu and Aki combined as slaves if they got sold as harlots was approximately 50 Gold coins with Aki on the cheaper part because of her age. As reference, the annual income of a lower class noble is 40 Gold coins.
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